Helping you to reach the right legal solutions

Tailored and plain legal advice with close attention to detail


Advising professionally means not only possessing excellent legal knowledge but also speaking clients’ language.


Corporate, Real Estate and Regulatory Affairs lawyer with 12+ years of experience.



How you define the problem determines whether you solve it. Let’s discuss your needs.

What do I believe in and why does it matter?

 My work is based on trust, integrity, open dialogue, care and personal involvement in overcoming difficulties.


Swift and professional assistance

Prompt assistance, timely feedback, and pragmatic advice are essential to business initiatives. Such qualities become still more important in today’s ever-changing world.

Light bulb

Creative thinking and innovative solutions

I always seek new solutions and approach in my work. My experience shows that independent and creative thinking help clients to look at any issue from a different angle.


Understanding the nature of your business and needs

I believe in long-term client relationships and invest time and energy to understand my clients’ businesses and priorities. I fully dedicate myself and approach each issue as my own. 


Extensive knowledge and experience

As part of two of Bulgaria’s leading international law firms, I have accumulated solid knowledge in my areas of expertise. This helps me  to provide tailored business solutions and focused legal advice.