Consumer Protection & Advertising

In a step with the beat in a “tele-everything“ world

The ongoing expansion and evolution of consumer protection advertising laws requires excellent comprehension of the existing local and EU legal framework. The exponential growth of the Internet, advertising and online activities raise numerous regulatory concerns related to contractual rights and obligations, unfair commercial practices, pricing issues, privacy and dispute resolution.

In the context of escalating regulations, the overall legal and compliance screening can be vital for your business.

You can rely on my expertise to address the challenges that arise when your business involves offline sales or e-commerce, including:

» Advising on advertising gambling, alcohol, food and other products;

» Consultations regarding consumer claims where hasty response is of utmost importance;

» Developing and due diligence of GTCs for merchants;

» Representation before the consumer protection watchdog and litigating against penal decrees or orders issued by the authorities;

» Screening of advertising, promotions and commercial communication for compliance with the legal standards and ethical rules.