Cookie Policy

This cookie policy (the “Cookie Policy”) relates to the use of cookies and similar technologies which allow information to be stored on your end device and accessed when you visit and navigate the website (the “Website”). The Cookie Policy explains what cookies are and how they are used and provides information about the types of cookies used on the Website, their functions and how you can control their use.

‍In addition to this Cookie Policy, I recommend that you read my Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) published on the Website to understand how I collect, store or otherwise process your personal data in relation to your visit and use of the Website and what your rights are regarding such processing. This Cookie Policy is an integral part of the Privacy Policy published on the Website.

I. About me

The Website is administered and managed by Emil Kostadinov Lukaev, attorney-at-law, registered with the Sofia Bar Association under No. 1500666310, BULSTAT No. 177879686, VAT No. BG177879686, address at: 1113 Sofia, Region Iztok, 15G, Tintyava Str., Bulgaria, e-mail address:

II. What are cookies?

“Cookies” are small text files that are saved on your device (computer, smartphone, other mobile device) when you visit various websites. Cookies allow the website to recognize your device and preferences and help improve your overall online experience.

III. Why do I use cookies?

I use cookies to improve the navigation between the webpages across the Website and to analyze the web traffic on it.

Storage of cookies – cookies can be either session or persistent. Session cookies are stored only for the duration of your stay on a website. Persistent cookies may remain on your device after your stay has ended and can be used every time you visit the Website again.

Third party cookies – the cookies which I use could be third-party cookies (i.e. cookies which are not managed by us). Such third-party cookies for instance are the cookies of Google Ireland Limited (“Google”).

Google’s cookies used on my Website are related to the services provided by Google. More precisely, these are cookies for statistics and traffic analysis through Google Analytics. The information generated by such cookies may be transferred to and stored by Google on their servers in the USA. For more information on how Google processes information stored on your end device, such as cookies and similar technologies, please see Google’s policies and information resources available at

You may refuse the use of cookies related to Google’s services by changing your browser settings or by visiting the following Google Analytics website and following the instructions given there:

IV. What cookies do I use?

Currently, I only use performance cookies on my Website. They allow me to analyze the use of the Website so that I can measure and improve its performance. They allow me to find out which webpages of the Website are most and least popular and to see how visitors navigate across the Website. For this purpose, I use third-party cookies (of service providers such as Google Analytics) to perform this analysis. All information which these cookies collect is aggregated and does not relate to you personally. If you block or refuse these cookies, I will not be able to monitor the Website’s performance.

Name / Type / Purpose / Storage period‍‍

» _ga/ Third-party cookie/ Google Analytics cookie which registers a unique visitor identifier to collect statistical data on how the visitor uses the Website / 2 years

» _gat/ Third-party cookie/ Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate/ 1 day

» _gid/ Third-party cookie/ A Google Analytics cookie which registers a unique visitor identifier to collect statistical data on how the visitor uses the Website/ 1 day

V. Control and deletion of cookies

Cookies which are strictly necessary for the Website to function cannot be rejected/switched off. Your use of the Website confirms that you are aware of the use of these cookies. Currently, I do not use such cookies on the Website.

Instead, currently I use cookies which are not strictly necessary for the Website to function but allow for analysis of its performance, and ultimately improvement of your online experience. You have the right to decide whether to accept the use of such cookies. If you do not wish to use such cookies which are not strictly necessary for the Website to function, you can set your browser not to accept cookies and use its functionalities to delete cookies. To find out how to do this, visit

‍For more information on how to control and delete cookies using your browser’s functionalities, please refer to the instructions provided on your browser’s website.

VI. Your rights

You may at any time request further information about the cookies which I use on my Website by sending me a letter to the address set out above in this Cookie Policy or by emailing me at You can find further information about your rights in relation to the processing of information stored on the end device, such as cookies and similar technologies, in my Privacy Policy for the use of the Website.

VII. Amendments to the Cookie Policy

Any future amendments to my Cookie Policy will be published on the Website. All amendments shall take immediate effect unless stated otherwise.

This Cookie Policy shall take effect from 01.09.2023.