Updated remote work regime and increased focus on employee work-life balance



April 14, 2024

Updated remote work regime and increased focus on employee work-life balance

Amendments to the Labour Code were promulgated in the State Gazette on 29 March 2024 governing
home-office arrangements and remote workplace safety standards. The amendments further address the impact of digitalisation and new technologies on work and aim to improve the work-life balance of
employees, as follows:

» An important change is the requirement to define the exact address of the remote workplace. This is
already the case in practice, also in line with the authorities’ guidelines. The parties have the flexibility to
agree on more than one remote workplace. Employees can also temporarily change their remote
workplace for up to 30 working days per year.

» Some workplace health and safety obligations are now imposed on employees who work remotely. They must provide written information about the features of their remote place of work in response to the minimum health and safety requirements shared by the employer and report any labour accidents
promptly. This may allow for the limitation of the employers’ liability in case of work-related accidents,
where remote employees have acted with gross negligence or failed to adhere to the prescribed health
and safety requirements.

» There are new set of rules regulating the use of automated systems for the reporting of working time for remote workers. Upon request, employers are required to provide employees with access to their own time and attendance data. Additional information rights are given to employees when such systems are used by the employer.

» All employees are now specifically authorised by law to not respond to messages and calls initiated by
their employers outside working hours. Exceptions to this rule can be agreed in the employment
agreement or collective bargaining agreement.